Mini Kiwi

Actinidia is a very interesting climber providing smaller fruits than the one we buy in the store, equally tasty and healthy, they can be eaten with the peel and have 4 times more vitamin C than lemon! They do not have special requirements for the soil, a sunny position.
They writhe around the supports. We plant them near arbors, pergolas, nets, pillars, fences, in gardens, on plots and in production plantations. Most varieties need a pollinator.
In our offer you will also find a bisexual version of actinidia - "Issai".

Lonicera caerulea var. kamtschatica

Kamchatka Berry

Described as a edible honeysuckle long-live fruit bush, do not require supports, lives even to 35 years, grows up to 1-2, blooms at the beginning of April, fruit on May – June.
Berries can be used as a fruit, but they are also suitable for preserves, juices, jams, and can also be dried and frozen.
An undemanding plant, ideal for growing in Polish climatic conditions, we plant in sun or partial shade. Extremely resistant for drought and frost ( - 45 o C).
It is recommended to plant at least two different varieties next to each other, this will ensure proper pollination of the plant.



A climber with delicious fruits and often decorative leaves, in recent years it has become extremely popular in Polish gardens, thanks to numerous and new varieties.
Who would not want to taste the fruit from their own bush? Most vine varieties bear fruit in late summer and early autumn VIII - IX. They climb on all supports, they are suitable for planting in arbors, pergolas, nets, fences, in gardens, on plots and in production plantations.