It's a strongly growing climber, which can reach up to 6m. Leaves are partialz evergreen, blossoms are small, purple and brown. They have got pleasant, spicy fragrant. The fruits are ornamental, long, outside violet. When they are ripe, burst and show white flesh.


Dutchman's Pipe

This plant is one of the fast and strong growing plants, always twining in the right side. There are about 180 varieties, which are common for exotic and tropical zones. It has got huge heart shaped leaves(30 cm in diameter).

Campsis radicans


This plant grows up to 10m. The shoots are thick, but they can climb due to their numerous aeral roots. The leaves are big (up to 30cm) pinnate and dark green. The fruit resembles the young pods of broad bean, but in the fact is a 12 cm long bag. Inside the bag there are seeds, which are set free after the bag burst.

Celastrus orbiculatus

Celastrus orbiculatus

Very strong climber with twining stems. Grow up to 12 M. Is ideal for planting in the arbours pergolas, fencing and various supports may be used on balconies. Effective are yellow-red fruit (female plants only), decorated by a few months (October-December). Beautiful green leaves , autumn taking the intensely yellow color.



Attractive, interesting, very demanding, easy to grow plants. Climbers looking wonderfully on gazebos, fences, wires, walls, arbours, jitters and natural supports like trees and bushes. This colorful curtain is prefect to separate your garden with neighbor. Some varieties grow up to 11m.

Fallopia Aubertii


The strongest climber in our climate, shoots winding around the supports. Grow up to 12m (6m annual growth). Leaves small, green. Flowers small, white, very numerous. Particularly useful for clearing buildings and fences, but it is also suitable for planting in the arbours pergolas and various supports. Can be used on the balconies.



Another of our proposals are garden ivy - extremely graceful, strongly growing and not requiring a lot of work plants. They feel great in different types of positions. We also offer you more ornamental, two-colored varieties that can be grown as potted plants.

Hummulus Luppulus


Is a perennial, dioecious, growing in the temperate zone. Very valuable lush garden climber with a strong twisting stems. Our new varieties Diva, First Gold and Pima Donna which we have introduced to the offer characterized by a beautiful yellow staining of the leaf (Diva) and large efficient cones (First Gold and Prima Donna). Hop cones are used for beer production.



We offer several varieties, one of them is Jasminum Nudiflorum. Without a doubt it deserves more popularity because is beautiful and blooms when nature sleeps well. Unexpectedly in the middle of winter the twigs bloom on gold. Grows alone or on the walls. There is another jasmine that suits our climate – Stefan`s Jasmine – climber with pink flowers. It`s hardy.



Honeysuckle is a perennial, decorative and easy to care. Has beautiful tubular flowers. It is ideally suited for pillar or pergolas. Suitable for sunny and semi-shaded positions.

Passiflora Caerulea


It' s an unusual long lived climber with very characteristic, exotic form. It is one of the fast growing climbers, with unusual blossoms(12 cm in diameter). This plant is recommended not only for planting on various supports but also in containers on balconies and terraces or winter gardens. Their fruits are edible, and you can make jellies or juices from them.
It flowers from June to September already in the first year. The blossoms are lightly fragrant. It needs sheltered, warm and sunny places. It grows the best on south and east positions.
The plants in containers should be put/take in warm(from 5 to 12'C) and bright place for winter. In its rest time the leaves can fall down, but in Spring not only the leaves but also new shoot appear.



A strong climber, same tried hard to wall. In autumn the leaves change their color in red and pink. We especially recommend Murorum,Veitchi evergreen creeper. Plants easily adapt to different environments.



Another strong growing climber in our assortment – wisteria Chinese. It is a beautiful flowering creeper whose flowers create decorative grapes. Wisteria needs stable and strong supports because it is a perennial climber that can reach up to 10 m in height.